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By Emmie Turan / February 1, 2020

Fruit wines – a chance encounter

On a recent trip to Scotland, wanting to explore a few more cities besides Edinburgh, I took a drive up...

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By Emmie Turan / January 30, 2020

What?! No state grape?!

Californians are proud of their state symbols. Take for example, the official state flower – the California Poppy – an...

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By Emmie Turan / December 15, 2019

A brief history of California wine

The origins of wine in the Golden State dates to the mid 18th century when Spanish missionaries arrived in California...

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By Emmie Turan / November 14, 2019

Time to pick?

Our favorite wines undertake a protracted, and somewhat arduous progress from the vine to the family table. The journey is...

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By Emmie Turan / October 9, 2019

Climate drives change – beware France, the English are doing wine

“In victory you deserve Champagne. In defeat you need it.”
Napoleon Bonaparte

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By Emmie Turan / September 16, 2019

Prohibition- thirteen year hiatus

In a popular World War 1 song, “The Alcoholic Blues”, a veteran laments: “I wouldn’t mind to live forever in...

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By Emmie Turan / August 9, 2019

Put a lid on it!

Cork has been the preferred choice of vintners to seal bottles ever since they started using glass to store their...

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By Emmie Turan / July 14, 2019

Au naturel?

These days, popular opinion on wine making is as divided as the political landscape with passionate proponents of “natural wine”...

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Hand made sketch grape fields and vineyards.
By Emmie Turan / June 3, 2019

It’s not just about the soil…

Terroir, derivative of the medieval word terratorium, simply means land and or region in French. In winemakers’ parlance, however, it...

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By Emmie Turan / April 19, 2019

Italian wines rekindle their California heritage

French immigration to California predated any substantial influx of Italians to the State. Following the turmoil of the French Revolution...

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